Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Valentine's Day Cards & More!

Even though Valentine's Day is over it's never too late to make some handmade cards for any occasion. Personalized random cards can be the best when you want to express a feeling towards someone or simply drop them a little note. 
Now that I have a few supplies in my arsenal, and my first Valentine's Day card mass mailing under my belt, you can bet that I'm going to continue making everyday cards for my friends, family, co-workers and whoever crosses my path that may need a little bit of love, inspiration, encouragement etc! 

Supplier: Michael's
What you'll need to purchase: 
1. Recollections Cardstock paper (100 sheets) comes in various sizes. Make sure you get the size that fits your envelopes. Remember to allow extra room for stuffing the envelope, especially if you tie a bow around the card like mine. (around $8.00)
2. Rubber Stamp Ink: I bought two colors for this project, Color box chianti (red) and Brilliance graphic black (around $7.00 each)
3. Rubber Stamps: I bought a pack with letters and some symbols ($15-17.00) and I also bought the background script stamp you see in red ($12.00) 
4. Envelopes: Thankfully I had these off white envelopes which were perfect on hand but I recommend purchasing envelopes at (I use them all the time)
5. Ribbon: Michael's has all types of ribbon at your disposal! (around $4.00)

This ended up being somewhat of an expensive project but I made and mailed over 20 cards to family and friends and I received the best feedback from all of them! Totally worth every penny. 

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