Thursday, August 9, 2012

Essie Luxe Effects- Stroke of Brilliance

I had no will power yesterday, between being obsessed with finding the perfect baby boy blue nail combo to metallics to the dark colors of fall, I caved into my want and desire of some new polish.

Essie has a great website especially when it comes to suggesting base colors underneath their amazing luxe effects top coats.

Lapiz of Luxury and possible base coat recommendations

In this combination which i've named Caspian Sea after my son i'm expecting at the end of October, this combination uses the base coat lapiz of luxury with stroke of brilliance on top.

They also recommend chinchilly which I purchased which is also a great neutral on it's own, and if glitter isn't for you lapiz of luxury is an amazing lavender hue color for fall.

I also bought two polishes from the metallic collection: Blue rhapsody and nothing else metals - perfect for fall as well. Essie Metallic Collection