Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby caspian is on his way!!

After 41 weeks and 3 days of waiting patiently for our first born Caspian Moj Jamshidian I'm sitting here in the hospital reflecting on this amazing journey and writing down in a notebook all that I want to remember about this pregnancy, current events and any other details so that someday I can share the memories with my son.

Pregnancy is a different journey for everyone and I have been truly blessed with this one. If I can pass on any advice for future moms to be it would be these important things:

1. Always keep moving and being active but rest when you need the rest.

2. Treat yourself to all of the things that make you feel good- pedicures!!

3. Eat those cravings! For me it was protein and calcium so ice cream was in my diet all of the time and I still only gained the recommended weight.

4. Don't overwhelm yourself with information about this whole process. Take everything in stride and when you feel motivated to research and learn about birth, baby registry etc it will make the experience much more enjoyable. Everything will all get done in preparation for your bundle of joy!

5. I highly recommend finding a prenatal yoga or Pilates class. It is the best thing you can for your baby, body and mind. It's your special time with your baby and a chance to de-stress and take care of yourself.

6. Try and make yourself feel as good as possible whenever you leave the house. It makes such a difference when you put on some makeup do your hair and have on something you feel comfortable and look as cute as you can in, depending on how far along you are. When the bump comes and it's obvious show it off! Wear that form fitting stuff!

7. Take those belly pics when you feel comfortable! It's a fun thing to do and believe me time will start to go by quicker than you think!

8. Everyone has opinions and different beliefs. Consult the people you feel will support you and filter the rest out! Take every piece of advice and opinion with a grain of salt.

9. Last but not least enjoy every moment! It'll never be the same again as I'm about to find out!!

Below are some pics from my documented bump journey!
These may or may not be in order. They start at week 24 til week 41!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Family Dresser Gets a Face Lift! 

I recently inherited this dresser from my grandmother's house. I think it was my dad's and I don't know too much about it except it was free and would be something passed down in the family. Possibly a dresser for the baby's room? 

The old hardware had to go, I'm all for vintage but the gold handles weren't quite calling my name. 

$40 later at Lowes and I had what looked to me like a brand new dresser! 

There's some fading of the wood where the old hardware used to be but it's not so noticeable that it's driving me crazy and something like this usually would!

In the future I'm contemplating painting it white to match the rest of the furniture in the baby's room, but for now I really like the simple face lift it got :) (See picture below)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Essie Luxe Effects- Stroke of Brilliance

I had no will power yesterday, between being obsessed with finding the perfect baby boy blue nail combo to metallics to the dark colors of fall, I caved into my want and desire of some new polish.

Essie has a great website especially when it comes to suggesting base colors underneath their amazing luxe effects top coats.

Lapiz of Luxury and possible base coat recommendations

In this combination which i've named Caspian Sea after my son i'm expecting at the end of October, this combination uses the base coat lapiz of luxury with stroke of brilliance on top.

They also recommend chinchilly which I purchased which is also a great neutral on it's own, and if glitter isn't for you lapiz of luxury is an amazing lavender hue color for fall.

I also bought two polishes from the metallic collection: Blue rhapsody and nothing else metals - perfect for fall as well. Essie Metallic Collection

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RVA Creates

This amazing and inspiring video makes me proud to be from Richmond, Virginia.
It's always been a place of history, culture and creativity and the awesome thing is there's so much more to come!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Valentine's Day Cards & More!

Even though Valentine's Day is over it's never too late to make some handmade cards for any occasion. Personalized random cards can be the best when you want to express a feeling towards someone or simply drop them a little note. 
Now that I have a few supplies in my arsenal, and my first Valentine's Day card mass mailing under my belt, you can bet that I'm going to continue making everyday cards for my friends, family, co-workers and whoever crosses my path that may need a little bit of love, inspiration, encouragement etc! 

Supplier: Michael's
What you'll need to purchase: 
1. Recollections Cardstock paper (100 sheets) comes in various sizes. Make sure you get the size that fits your envelopes. Remember to allow extra room for stuffing the envelope, especially if you tie a bow around the card like mine. (around $8.00)
2. Rubber Stamp Ink: I bought two colors for this project, Color box chianti (red) and Brilliance graphic black (around $7.00 each)
3. Rubber Stamps: I bought a pack with letters and some symbols ($15-17.00) and I also bought the background script stamp you see in red ($12.00) 
4. Envelopes: Thankfully I had these off white envelopes which were perfect on hand but I recommend purchasing envelopes at envelopes.com (I use them all the time)
5. Ribbon: Michael's has all types of ribbon at your disposal! (around $4.00)

This ended up being somewhat of an expensive project but I made and mailed over 20 cards to family and friends and I received the best feedback from all of them! Totally worth every penny. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Resolve to PUMP up your color palette and get FLIRTY this February. It's the perfect time to get inspired and try new products. Here are some that I've had my eyes on and already purchased!

1. Dress Jason Wu for Target: screams date night!
2. Michael Kors clutch: Hello statement piece. That's all you need as an accessory that night!
3. Essie nail polish: my personal fave is really red, see image below
4. Amazonian Clay blush: I purchased in the color Frisky, my goal was to have bright pink long-lasting color on my cheeks and that is exactly what I got! Amazonian clay hydrates dry skin, minimizes oil, improves the appearance of skin clarity and texture. Lasts for 12 hours!
5. Cover Girl flipstick: purchased in Pucker, tested and approved for moisturizing two tone tint of color. see image below, according to InStyle bright pinks lips are in for to liven up a dull winter!
6. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow palette: I love this colorful palette for spring, when used with eyeshadow primer the color really pops on the eyes.
7. TOMS classic canvas shoes in Red: I'm a huge fan of TOMS and their cause. The shoes offer comfort for my horrible arches and you also support a child in need. I'm also lusting after a new pair of their flats (see below)
8. Kat Von D triple threat tattoo eyeliners: Poetica, Sinner and Saint: Three different thicknesses, felt tip pens to help you acheive whatever look you're going for, whether it's the thick movie star look, cat eye or just a subtle liner. 

Kat Von D Saint eyeliner, Stila Pro Artist Palette shadows

Essie Really Red nail polish

Cover Girl flipstick in Pucker
Don't call me a Kardashian but i'm officially
obsessed with e.l.f. (find at Target) false eyelashes
and they are only $1.00

Stila Pro Artist Palette #1

Wednesday, January 25, 2012